U-RISE Scholar Support

As a U-RISE Scholar, students receive support that includes:

  • Nearly full fall and spring tuition at UMBC plus mandatory fees
  • A generous stipend, as defined by Federal standards, based on the length of appointment and to be used to help defray the cost of room and board
  • Support for summer research experiences
  • Support each academic year for research supply funding paid directly to each Trainee’s mentor
  • Travel funds for approved scientific meetings
  • Extensive academic and career advising support
  • Required courses in Scientific Writing; and Research Ethics and Integrity
  • Seminars and various activities
  • Guidance in applying to graduate school

Note: Student payments and other benefits from participating in this program may have income tax obligations. For more information, please consult a tax professional and/or the IRS. You may also wish to review IRS Publication 970, “Tax Benefits for Education.